Last Day of January

Seriously, when did that happen? January has just flown by it seems; as opposed to previous years when it dragged on interminably!

It’s been a good month (aside from a bomb scare at work which meant a mass evacuation from site and massive disruption around the area!!)

I managed to read 10 books through the month, 3 of which are the first 3 books in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, which tell of MacKayla Lane who travels to Dublin after the death of her sister and discovers a whole new world lurking in the shadows. Have to say, the world-building in this series is absolutely brilliant; I just got completely sucked in!

Favourite book of the month had to be The Secret Place by Tana French; absolutely fantastic mystery and I actual begrudged that I had to stop reading so I could go to sleep!
It’s one of those rare books that you want to keep reading til you get to the end (and then are sorry you did because it’s over!)

I also joined tsu, the new social network – still finding my way around there; my page is if you’d like to join or check it out!!


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