Failing at #my500words, and what I learned….

At the beginning of October, I started participating in Jeff Goin’s #my500words challenge.


I didn’t announce it publicly here or on Twitter because (a) I’m shy about stuff like this and (b) my track record in completing challenges is less than brilliant!

It all went very well for the first few weeks, then I missed the 19th due to the Hangover From Hell (truly, it deserved capitalisation!), picked it back up for a couple more days on the 20th, and then it fizzled out altogether.

However, rather than beat myself up and be all “boo hoo, I’m a big fat failure”, I’m taking some lessons from it…..

I’ve realised that I chafe under these kind of challenge conditions – the reason it fizzled out was because it started to feel like a chore, an obligation – it wasn’t fun anymore.

However, participating in the challenge made realise how much I missed writing on a regular basis, and made me realise I need to make time for this (which, naturally, is a whole other problem!)




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