Just Like Starting Over…..

Wow, it’s been a while…. I have to confess I’m slightly horrified that it’s been so long since I wrote here – and the last couple of posts were for “Silent Sunday” so there wasn’t even any writing in them!!

I haven’t been writing, and I miss it. I could gloss it up with big long spiels about work and life the universe and everything getting in the way, but that’s the pure and simple truth of the matter.

So bearing in mind that the only way out is through, it’s time to start over.

Not going to lie, the idea of letting this space lie fallow and starting a shiny new blog had some appeal (if for no other reason that I wouldn’t have to see the huge gaps between posts on the sidebar!)

But I don’t want to do that – for one, I’m mighty attached to the blog name (and you know how hard it is to come up with a name you like that hasn’t already been used in some way shape or form!) and for another, I’ve hardly written here, I haven’t done this space or myself justice.

So, with a brand new look, here we go…..



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