RIP Google Reader

So, the hot topic of conversation on twitter yesterday was Googles announcement that come July 2013, Google Reader would be no more.

Cue outrage, coupled with weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Well, it seemed like that anyhow!)

I’m one of the people who is quite upset by this; I use Google Reader every day to keep up with different blogs. And given that I’ve been using it since 2009, I’ve got literally thousands of starred items saved in there.

For the time being I’ve migrated to feedly, which allows you to import all your GR subscriptions. This also saved the aforementioned starred items (huzzah!)

Before I did that though, I spied an opportunity and went through my subscriptions and culled dead blogs, the ones I only ever skimmed through and most importantly, the ones I’ve been meaning to delete but never got round to!

I also started transferring some of the starred items onto pocket and tagging them to make them easier to find!!

This could turn into a nice project for a long weekend!


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