Playing Catch Up….

So, as you may have guessed from the lack of posts here, I’ve fallen behind on the 15 habits of great writers challenge.

There are extenuating circumstances to explain that.

Last Monday, I wrote that I’d received sad news about a colleague. The news was that this man (the nicest, kindest man you could ever hope to meet) who had been fighting cancer for the last year, had been told by his doctors that there was nothing more they could do for him.

Wednesday, we got word that he was sleeping a lot. (Never a good sign).

Friday morning, we got a call to say he wouldn’t last the day.

My mobile rang at 14.20 as I was driving home, and as soon as I saw the name flash on the screen, I knew it was to say he’d passed.

His funeral was last Sunday. Fathers Day.

We’ve all been shell-shocked by it – none of us expected him to go this quick. I honestly haven’t had the brain power or more importantly, the heart,  to even think of writing anything – the challenge e-mails have been sitting unread in my inbox since the middle of last week. But, being the stubborn creature that I am, I’m not giving up! My plan is to work through the e-mails one a day, so I‘m still going to complete the challenge – just a week or so behind everyone else!!


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