Day 5 – Prepare

So, after yesterday, I came into the office this morning, made myself a cup of tea and sat down to read Jeff’s Day 5 e-mail.

And boy, was that a kick in the gut when I needed it! What amazes me about these mails is that Jeff is saying exactly what I’ve thought heaps of times – which I guess goes to show that all writers feel like this at times! The trick is in not letting it bog you down.

Jeff wrote:

there’s work you’ve yet to create.

And for some reason, you’re still preparing for it. Still waiting for your shot, telling yourself you’ll get to it… some day.

But the truth is you won’t. Not really. Admit it: You’re stalling. Waiting for perfect, all the while letting good pass you by.

As a self-confessed procrastination queen, I recognise this all too well. I’ve been faffing about, reading writing blogs and craft books, scribbling down ideas but not getting anything meaty down because I’m too scared to begin.  It all goes back to Day 2, to believing in myself enough to let myself do this.

So now I just have to begin…


2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Prepare

  1. So happy to be reading your thoughts here! It’s a great challenge isn’t it! I find that there’s great comfort in knowing I’m not even close to being the only one to think/struggle/feel/tell myself these things.

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