So, my plan to write for two hours yesterday afternoon /evening did not happen – I felt the warning signs of a migraine yesterday morning, took some solpadeine and thought I caught it early enough.

No such luck – by the time I’d driven home from work in monster rain, I felt like someone had walloped me across the head with a length of unistrut. Not fun at all.

I felt a bit bad about not getting anything done, which is ridiculous and being hard on myself because with the best will in the world I couldn’t have written last night (walking in a straight line from sofa to my bed was a challenge, never mind writing!!)

So there was relief when I read Jeff’s tweet to we’re taking a break for the weekend, I can catch up!!

Day 4’s habit is Practice – to write in public rather than hiding our writing in private. Jeff suggests pitching to a magazine, guest posting on a friends blog, or posting something on our own blog we’ve never admitted to anyone else. There is a post brewing in my mind that fits this criteria, so that is my new goal, to get started on that.


2 thoughts on “Practice

  1. Oooh, this is a tough one. I’m thinking about submitting a piece to a website I’ve written for before (but it’s a bit safe and inside the box), or maybe pitching to another blog for guest-posting (scarier as rejection is always a possibility)… what do you think you’ll end up doing?

  2. To be honest, I’m not sure!! I’ll probably get the post written first and then put it up here…. (or dither about putting it up here!! If I actually get it written, it’ll be a tick in the win column for me!)
    What about yourself? Have you made any decision about where to submit to?

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