Day 3 of the challenge is Initiate.

As I said yesterday, getting up at 3.30 just wasn’t an option, but I managed to get a half hours writing in first thing at work (before the majority of my colleagues came in) and got another hour in last night. The morning stuff was mostly stream of consciousness stuff, figuring out what I want to achieve from this challenge. Then last night I started brainstorming ideas – just the bare bones in list form (I do love a good list!)

I finish work early today (2pm every Friday, which makes it much easier to put up with 7.30 starts!) so I should get 2 hours in this evening without much problem. And I don’t work weekends, so getting up a couple of hours earlier shouldn’t be too hard (when you get up at 5.30, 7 or 7.30 is a lovely lie in!)

By the time I closed the notebook, I felt really energised – most of the time, I get so paralysed by the blank page that I wind up not writing anything; at least now I have a list of ideas to work off. So the project for later on is to go through them and pick one to start fleshing out.

I think I’m excited about this!


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